Ditmas Park Creative Arts Therapy is comprised of Creative Arts Therapists working together to develop an accessible and empowering mode of communication, healing and personal development. Our aim is to bring therapeutic services to a diverse community utilizing the expressive arts, such as Art Therapy, Dance Therapy and Music Therapy. Serving children, adolescents, adults, seniors, couples and families, we provide an individualized approach to wellness and healing based on our clients' needs and specific goals. 

What is Creative Arts Therapy? Creative Arts Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that utilizes the expressive arts, such as art, dance and music, as a primary mode of expression, exploration and catharsis. When processing difficult emotions and experiences, verbal expression can often be a challenge. The expressive arts are a natural form of expression, one that many people begin to utilize at a very young age. As children, most of us gravitated towards creative outlets such as art making, music and dancing, but due to feelings of insecurity and societal expectations, these modes of expression may have faded. Creative Arts Therapy can be especially helpful to those who may have experienced early trauma, are dealing with developmental delays or suffer from dementia, to name a few examples. These therapeutic services can address such issues as Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Loss, Trauma, Divorce, Self-Esteem, Interpersonal Skills and Relationships, Personal Development and Creativity.